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VolleyNetWork places career advice in the central position among its services. The placement of athletes and coaches is part of our services; our approach goes far beyond that! With VolleyNetWork, our clients make key decisions at every stage of their careers.

College Sports Scholarships

Together with Athletes USA, we support young athletes in making their dream of a Volleyball Scholarship come true. Young athletes can draw on a wealth of experience and rely on expert help on their way to successful college sports careers.

Highlight Video Production

We create your Sports Highlight Video and skills videos. Provide your HD video footage from online sources or upload to our video server and we will create your professional highlight video. Take advantage of a powerful highlight video and get recruited.

Available Athletes

VolleyNetWork - International Sports and Volleyball Agency - Athletes - Stanislava Fagina - PortraitVolleyNetWork - International Sports and Volleyball Agency - Athletes - Stanislava Fagina - Action
Setter | RUS | 1989 | 183 cm
VolleyNetWork - International Sports and Volleyball Agency - Athletes - Maryana Tsimafeyeva - PortraitVolleyNetWork - International Sports and Volleyball Agency - Athletes - Maryana Tsimafeyeva - Action
Outside Hitter | BLR | 1998 | 186 cm
VolleyNetWork - International Sports and Volleyball Agency - Athletes Palina Shletsar PortraitVolleyNetWork - International Sports and Volleyball Agency - Athletes - Maryana Tsimafeyeva - Action
Setter | BLR | 2002 | 175 cm
VolleyNetWork - International Sports and Volleyball Agency - Athletes - Amanda Carvalho Modesto - PortraitVolleyNetWork - International Sports and Volleyball Agency - Athletes - Amanda Carvalho Modesto - Portrait
Outside Hitter | BRA | 1995 | 178 cm

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Providing modern management at every level, we support athletes, coaches, clubs, associations and business partners. Our agency prides itself on personal service!


We Support You With Tailored Career Services

Our top priority is providing quality career advice. The placement of athletes and coaches is part of our service portfolio – our approach goes far beyond that.

Sports Management
Our core competencies revolve around the management and placement of athletes.

With an extensive network around Europe and beyond, years of experience in coaching and managing professional volleyball, we accompany our clients every step of the way. We ensure a sustainable, goal-oriented, and successful career that fully maximizes a client’s potential.

Creating beneficial and lasting relationships is our goal – for athletes and clubs. We connect ideal partners and negotiate fair conditions. As our commitment continues throughout the contract, we provide fast and competent assistance in resolving conflicts when necessary.

Essential points of our sports management services:

Career Advice

  • Individual, personal advice
    • We know what we are talking about! During the last one and a half decades, we have accompanied numerous top athletes on their career path. Amongst these are many successful international athletes, national team players, and Olympic champions.
  • Planning by Using Milestones
    • Together we analyze the aspired career goal and outline targeted steps towards it.
  • A Dual Career
    • When creating a career plan, we carefully consider the personal study or training situation.
  • Sports Club Selection
    • We promote the development of our athletes through an active and progressive selection of the appropriate clubs. The relationship between the athlete’s challenge, the club’s demands, and the performance level should be right.


  • Legally secured contracts.
  • Medical network.
  • Outstanding online profile and CV design.
  • Data security: The profiles of our clients are only accessible after login.


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Sports Scholarships
We cooperate with the world’s leading Sports Scholarship Agency – Athletes USA. Through this partnership, our college recruiting network consists of more than 20,000 college coaches in more than 20 sports within the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA.

We use this network to help student-athletes to connect with colleges and coaches. At the same time, we are a valuable resource for coaches when it comes to recruiting from overseas.

Our common mission:

Bring opportunities to athletes allowing their athletic, intellectual and human potential to be reached and most of all helping athletes dreams come true.

Start your college sports career – follow these links:

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Read more about Athletes USA.

Want to start right away? Sign up for our University Placement Program.

Highlight Video Production
The best choice for highlight video productions!

The video production team at VolleyNetWork understands what coaches and scouts want to see, precisely because we worked as coaches and scouts at a top level.

Our compelling highlight video productions bring out an athlete’s talent and skills, are compatible with any recruiting platform and can be used in any way.

We produce unique recruiting videos combining game action, specific skills, practice footage, stats, and an optional interview to provide the complete profile of the athlete. Also, we create highlight and skill videos for a variety of occasions based on the ideas of our customers and in constant contact with them. So, let’s get creative!

We are currently working on new features for our Highlight Video Production page to provide you with even more effective service. In the meantime, please use our contact form for your request.

“From the very first moment I started working with VolleyNetwork I knew I am in good hands. They have so much knowledge about the sport itself and for me the most important, mental coaching how to be the best version of yourself. I’ve also felt that I’m capable of speaking with them about any doubts or questions I have and they always have an answer for me. I’m happy to be part of VolleyNetWork and having a feeling that great people support me!”
Roosa Laakkonen


“I am so happy that I cooperate with VolleyNetWork! Everything has been taken care of perfectly, so I have never needed to worry about anything. There is always someone helping me if I need and they are making sure that everything is good so I can focus on playing volleyball. I feel that they care about me as a player and a person as well!”
Eveliina Koljonen


“Working with VolleyNetWork is very easy! The people at the volleyball agency take care of me individually, and I feel like I can talk with them about everything. I trust in their work, and I like that professional cooperation characterizes the relationship between athlete and agency.”
Katja Kylmäaho


2017 AVCA Convention in Kansas City
VolleyNetWork at the NCAA Finals
See our impressions of the 2017 NCAA Division 1 Women's Volleyball Championship and get in the game!
2017 AVCA Convention in Kansas City
VolleyNetWork at the AVCA Marketplace
Take a look inside the Kansas City Convention Center, see VolleyNetWork's booth and other highlights.

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