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Christian Beutler and Dirk Sauermann see VolleyNetWork

as a service agency for professional competitive sports.

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Why VolleyNetWork?

The establishment of "VolleyNetWork" as a service agency for top-class volleyball and professional sports is a result of a simple observation:


The competitive sport has intensified during the last ten years. Having increased rapidly in many areas, the requirements placed on athletes, coaches, and officials are calling for ever more time-consuming work by the players. This being the case not only in the international top leagues, but also in different national competitions, the bulk of tasks has outgrown their actual core competence. At the same time, the athletes and their attendant staff should be able to commit themselves to their vocation without any restriction!


This is where our "VolleyNetWork" agency comes into play! Our task is to make sure our customers have more time available for the important everyday requirements posed by their sporting activities. Our motto:



“Play your game – we take care of the rest!“,



is not only meant in its direct sense, but also concisely summarizing our range of services. Speaking about managing athletes or organizing sports events – we provide comprehensive services designed to create more space for sports and its protagonists.


Based on years of practical experience we are familiar with both the inner and outer mechanisms of professional sports and use this positive insider knowledge to contribute our in-depth know-how to top sports and its management.


We are looking forward to your visit at volleynetwork.de; please use it to learn more about us and our range of services. Contact us to find out how we can create additional capacities for your success in sports.

What can VolleyNetWork do for you?

Our services are geared towards what today’s modern competitive sports require from you.


On the one hand, we use expert knowledge from the areas of:


  • Sports Management and Marketing
  • Labor and Sports Law
  • Sports and Training Sciences
  • Sports Medicine
  • Press and PR Activities


On the other hand, we are drawing from many years of practical experience from our daily work with:


  • Top athletes
  • Top clubs
  • League organizations
  • Officials
  • Press representatives
  • Sponsors


We provide services for our customers in four main areas:



Please refer to these and use our website to find out more about our core competences.

Christian Beutler

Christian is our strategist in charge of management and marketing at VolleyNetWork. Having worked with different sport clubs all over Germany for more than 10 years, this highly educated sports manager has most recently managed a ladies volleyball league team. With VolleyNetWork, Christian can now fully implement his approach to modern sports management.

Dirk Sauermann

Dirk is in charge of VolleyNetWork’s sports expertise. As a German Olympic Sports Federation-qualified trainer and a German Volleyball Association A-license holder, he worked as a trainer home and abroad for almost one and a half decades. Holding an additional qualification for sports physiotherapy, this certified physiotherapist is now coordinating the agency’s medical network.

Marc Hasselmeyer

Marc advises VolleyNetWork on contractual and legal matters. Being specialized in labor law and having completed complementary as well as further courses in economics and sports law, Marc is our agency’s most proven expert and a valuable guide. Furthermore, Marc is sharing with VolleyNetWork his sports know-how as a graduate of both German Volleyball Association’s A-Trainer License and the German Olympic Sports Federation’s Club Management Academy.

Detlev Schönberg

Detlev supports VolleyNetWork with his sporting expertise and a broad network. The A-licensed coach of the German Volleyball Association brings in a treasure of experience from more than 20 years of "Volleyball-Bundesliga" to the agency. His activity profile includes, among other things, the roles as sport director, scout, and national team head coach. Detlev's comprehensive sports knowledge optimizes VolleyNetWorks performance portfolio.

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