Athlete Management

Individual support and tailor-made solutions are our standard.


VolleyNetWork places career advice in the central position among its services. Although the placement of athletes is part of our service portfolio, our approach goes far beyond that!

Our Management Approach

We are convinced that personal and professional development is just as important as the desired success in sport.

Together with VolleyNetWork, our clients make key decisions at every stage of their careers. Years of coaching and management experience in professional performance sports provide the basis to pave the way for a goal-oriented professional career that fully maximizes an athlete’s personal potential.

Our agency is mainly active in Europe and North America – but also present on other continents.


Career Advice

VolleyNetWork accompanies an athlete’s professional career from the very first step, standing at her/his side to make a sustainable and successful career.

Here, we focus on the following core areas:

Individual, personal advice
  • Our quality requirements are based on our own experience. Only tailor-made advice guarantees the full exploitation of the individual potential.
  • We know what we are talking about! During the last one and a half decades we have been able to accompany numerous top athletes on their career path. Amongst these are many successful international athletes, national team players and Olympic champions.
Planning by Using Milestones
  • Together we analyze the aspired career goal and plan targeted steps towards it.
A Dual Career
  • When creating a career plan, we carefully consider the personal study or training situation.
    • What is the suitable career path for an athlete to follow her/his sporting career?
    • Is parallel or serial study, or educational training, appropriate for the athlete’s career?
Sports Club Selection
  • VolleyNetWork promotes the development of its athletes through an active and progressive selection of the appropriate clubs. The relationship between the athlete’s individual challenge, the demands of the club and the performance level should be right.
  • Should the career better be continued in the home country or abroad?
Media Training
  • Our agency is advised by journalists experienced in matters of working with press, social media, social and media competence, so this knowledge is passed on to our clients.
  • Press conferences, interviews or promotional appointments can be made more effective following appropriate preparation.


VolleyNetWorks mainly mediates towards and within Europe as well as towards and from North America. Our network is also extending worldwide.

Making profitable interconnections is our goal – for athletes, their clubs and North American colleges. In this context, we regard the individual and personal advice to our clients as a particularly important component of our work.

We connect ideal partners and negotiate fair conditions. As our commitment continues throughout the term of the contract, we provide fast and competent assistance in resolving conflicts when necessary.

Further highlights:
  • Legally secured contracts
  • Medical network
  • Free of charge meaningful video profile design
  • Travel assistance
  • Training-specific support during non-contractual phases

We find suitable partners for clubs, colleges and athletes. Our network works for your success.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
(Lao Tzu)